Snow Removal and Ice Management

Bellas Landscaping offers commercial snow removal and ice managment services for Bloomington-Normal, Illinois. We specialize in commercial and residental snow service including homeowners associations and large commercial parking lots.

Why Is Snow Removal Important?

The management of snow and ice is very important for your neighborhood, office or business. Parking lots and sidewalks that have been propely cared for after a snow or ice event are safer and more inviting. Slip and falls on average cost an estimated $30,000 in fees. They are also the largest cause of emergency room vists.

It is also proven and a potential homeowner, renter, customer or client is more likely to purchase from a business who has a clean and ice free parking lot and sidewalks over a business who has neglected their walks and parking spots.

Snow Removal:

Bellas Landscaping handles all snow removal jobs using trucks and loaders. We service all size commercial parking lots including sidewalks.


Bulk salt is used on parking lots, driveways, roads, etc to remove any
ice or snow build up after plowing has occured. Bulk salt may also be used to rid of any ice or snow when plowing is not needed (snowfall amount is under the plowing trigger).

Bagged Ice-Melt:

This is used on sidewalks and areas where special concrete protection may be required. It has a lower freezing point than rock salt, meaning it works in colder temperatures, usually lasts for a longer period of time, and is safer on concrete.


Anti-icing techiniques have been used by city and state street managers for years. The process is accomplished by spraying liquid anti-icing agents onto the surfaces before the snow or ice falls. This helps prevent the intial ice build up and helps remove snow and ice when plowing begins. This can also be used to fight ice build up on sidewalks. The process helps save time and money.


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