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Landscape Lighting

Central Illinois landscape design, build, and maintenance


Our lighting designers will work with you to produce a system that is easy to operate and provide the functions, safety, and security that you need.

Most landscape lighting systems include LED lighting that requires less maintenance as well as reduces the power usage compared to incandescent light bulbs. Not only will the light help show off features of your home like brick, stone, tree foliage, or pavers, but it will also create security. Homes that are well lit are proven to be less likely to be vandalized or broken into.

Lighting steps, walkways, and sidewalks can also make your home more inviting for friends and family. Lighting these paths can also provide some safety in areas that would normally be dark.
We often hear that the favorite part of a landscape is the lighting. Your home is often seen by others, as well as yourself, more at night than during the day. The features around your home like the tree bark on a birch tree, or the stone column at the front of your home can take on a new life when they are lit at night. Shadows and highlights on those materials add a new dimension to them.

We install the highest quality low voltage fixtures on the market. These products are produced by Cast Lighting. The fixtures include 10 year warranties on LEDs, as well as lifetime warranties on the solid bronze fixtures.




How are the lights powered?

Our lighting systems are powered by a low voltage transformer. This transformer converts standard 110 volt power to low voltage (around 12 volts). The transformer can be installed at any exterior outlet.

Are your Lights LEDs?

All of your light fixtures are LEDs. This means no more light bulbs to mess with and reduced power usage.

How much does it cost to run the lights?

Most customers notice no to little change to their current electrical bill. Most LED lighting systems will only cost pennies a day to operate.

How long do the LEDs last?

The LED components are rated for 60,000 hours of use. That is over 25 years of usage. The LEDs are warrantied for 10 years, and fixtures warrantied for the lifetime of the product.


Bellas Landscaping installs high quality solid bronze light fixtures produced by Cast Lighting. Learn more about Cast Lighting©